How To Chose Excellent Destination Wedding Photographers

Destination wedding photographers at international venues with no limits!

Photo Experts Cyprus are destination wedding photographers. We are an experienced team who are always on hand with cameras packed and ready to tell the story of your big day! Wherever you and your partner are to exchange vows, we’ll be there - from a carved stone altar in Cyprus to the bleached white sands of Australia.

Flexibility is our middle name! With a hand-picked team of 18, we can cover the four corners of the globe – and beyond. In recent years, we have been asked to photograph and film wedding ceremonies across Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, UAE and even the Far East.

We can make your vision a reality

As creative and natural photographers, our eye for detail is framed by also seeing the bigger picture. We understand that there are “no photo limits” and “no time limits” to capturing the magic of a wedding day. The art of storytelling starts with you. Before we focus our lens, we discuss what you have in mind and how we can make your vision a reality.

From the time-honoured rituals shared with family and friends, the anticipation builds through the early morning preparations. Excitement and solemnity follows hand in hand with every footstep to the exchange of rings until unstoppable joy cascades and flows throughout the evening celebrations. Finally, husband and wife together, framed in an eternal moment.

All the world’s a stage for destination weddings

Each venue and every location reveals its unique light and shade, tone and texture. History meets geography! By setting the scene and letting the magic unfold, your unique story - told frame by frame and in moving image - will reflect the special moments forever embedded in their specific time and chosen place.

The journey to your wedding day is our destination too! Our creative and technical know-how can also help you tell the story leading up to that special day when you and your partner first met. And of course, the magic continues through the honeymoon. We have been asked to capture all those crazy moments of joy that sparkle in the days following the wedding. Togetherness is also a destination that is equally special for close family and friends.

Our team at Photo Experts Cyprus are never happier when recording your special day just the way it was planned, plus whatever mad antics are to be added to the traditional mix. We are overjoyed when couples get back in touch to request our help in capturing on film their next big celebration – the Christening! It’s always an honour to know we can set the scene once again to capture the spirit of the day.