International Wedding Photographers, UK, EU and Beyond!

International Wedding Photographers

Time and distance are no object, no limits!

The big picture in every loving detail! Photo Experts Cyprus are international wedding photographers, UK, EU and beyond! We love to travel to any and every part of the world to tell the story of your big day - from under fiery hot Mediterranean skies to beneath English umbrellas and wide brimmed lady’s hats!

Our wedding backdrops have been the mysterious doorways and shiny cobblestones of a European courtyard, tall lush African grasses, and the polished marble minarets in the UAE - even the green-tiled glaze of a Far Eastern rooftop. Whatever your theme, wherever you and your partner plan to exchange vows, we love to be there for you. Time and distance are no object, no limits!

We are an exclusive team of creative international wedding photographers specialising in still photography and moving image – without limits! It means, the story of your wedding day starts with you. We listen! We hear and feel your perfect moments, like rare butterflies, to be captured for an English Rose, Spanish princess or African queen! Together, we plan the story of the most important day of your life.

Each location is filled with a different light and shade

Every wedding day is unique. Every couple needs to know their special story will be told in the way that will always be cherished. Flexibility is our middle name! Together, we can help you make your vision a reality. Experienced eye and hi-tech lens – working in perfect harmony to capture moments that are so often missed. As your story unfolds, from first light to sundown - we are with you every step of way.

We know just how important the time-honoured wedding rituals are for you, your family and friends. Every culture in every part of the world celebrates its own traditional customs, and every couple plans to create their own special memories of the day. We have photographed and filmed weddings from Cyprus to the UK, and the US to Australia, where each location is filled with a different light and shade, tone and texture.

Dedication to capture the eternal moments, no matter how crazy

We tell your unique story, frame by frame and in moving image. By listening and planning with you, we set the scene and let the magic unfold. From global capital to island retreat, your special moments are forever embedded in their specific time and chosen place. There’s sass and attitude at every latitude - to be shared with family and friends too.

Our total dedication is to always capture the eternal moments, no matter how crazy or unexpected. We love the madcap, the excitement and joy running throughout the day. Our camera bags are always packed and ready to head off to international destinations where the sun is about to rise on our next amazing wedding day. At your time and place, we start to create the happiest memories to fill your entire world.