Prodromos & Vasiliki

3…2…1… Dance.

These 2 dancing machines have given everyone around them a great day to remember, along with their lovely families! Cheers to your beautiful wedding! Sending you love for your beautiful marriage!

With Love

The Photo Experts Team

The Road Trip.

The Wedding Day.

Rodney & Tania

It has been a pleasure working with this beautiful and alternative couple for their special day! A lovely wedding centred at the heart of one of the best coasts of Cyprus, had nothing more to offer than a fantastic time for all including our team!

You made us feel very much like family and that is always very……it’s just bliss for us!!! :)

We hope you truly enjoy the rest of your life together!!!

With love

The Photo Experts Team

The Wedding Day

Kypros & Eliza

We love you, and the energy you have put in your wedding day including your effort has resulted to a result that will stay with you forever, and for that we feel proud!

We are so happy to have met you and worked with you on the most amazing day of your lives!

Thank you! Love and Respect

The Photo Experts Team

The Road Trip

The Wedding Day

Konstantinos ❤ Marina

When we are given the privilege to “observe” people with a camera in your hand, the realisations of what is actually happening in people’s lives! In their relationships. all their relationships! Even the one they have with themselves. We get to see that.

Now, looking at these 2 crazy babies, it would be unfair not to emphasise the true love for each other which they both express so beautifully!

Guys we love you and thanks for bringing a cool box with beers on the Road Trip day!!! That was so cool! :)

Enjoy your photos! With Love…

The Photo Experts Team

The Video Trailer

( Red Lens Films )

The Roadtrip

The Wedding Day