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International Wedding Photographers

Photo Experts Cyprus - led by Michael Riyashi, Director - know just how important the time-honoured wedding ritual is for everyone, each time we’re called upon to be a couple’s official wedding photographers, Dubai and throughout the UAE.

In every culture in every part of the world, the bride and groom expects to celebrate their own traditional customs, and their special moments perfectly recorded forever by the finest photographic and moving images. While at the same time reflecting a long unbroken line of family continuity, every couple plans to also create their own cherished memories of the day. Most importantly, husband and wife together, framed in the eternal moment! Before we focus our lens, we always discuss what you have in mind and plan together how we can make your vision a reality.

Established in Cyprus in 2014, we have photographed and filmed weddings from the north to the southern hemispheres, and often travelling West to East. From Cyprus to Australia, the UK to USA, Africa to Japan, we are always ready with our state of the art cameras, creative and technical know-how to help couples from all backgrounds tell their own unique story. Each location and every venue is filled with a different light and shade, tone and texture. No more so than in Dubai…

Distinctive wedding photographer’s eye

Between October and May of the wedding high season, we are increasingly asked to bring our distinctive wedding photographer’s eye to the shimmering sand dunes of Dubai at the very historic and cultural apex between Europe, Africa and Asia. Among some of the most fabulous weddings we have been asked to photograph have taken place in a hotel resort in full view of Burj Khalifa, or in a traditional Bedouin camp while other favourite locations have included a golf club, polo club, a private villa and a yacht.

Flexibility is our middle name - without limits! Photo Experts Cyprus are a hand-picked team of 18 creative wedding photographers, specialising in still and moving images. We just love to cover every type of unusual wedding location or venue, ceremonies or fantastical moments.

Every type of loving couple from every background

In Dubai, we help to immortalise the day for all loving partners, and from every background too. Couples from the West are more likely to want their wedding to be set outside on the beach, framed by the backdrop of the Burj Al Arab, the sea and the setting sun. It’s customary at an Emirati Muslim wedding for men and women to begin the celebrations separately and not start until the evening. The celebration itself is also separate at a Russian Christian wedding where often a couple will hold the event hours later, even the day after. An Indian Hindu wedding can last between three and five days with up to 800 guests.

By setting the scene and letting the magic unfold, your unique story - told frame by frame and in moving image - will reflect the special moments forever embedded in their specific time and chosen place.