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Wedding Photographers Europe

From an alabaster-white, Santorini hilltop villa overlooking the Aegean Sea to the noble splendour of a fairy tale castle nestling among Belgium beechwoods…

PhotoExperts Cyprus are destination wedding photographers Europe! We are an exclusive team of creative wedding photographers specialising in still photography and the moving image – without limits!

Flexibility is our middle name! Wherever you and your partner are to exchange vows, we’ll be there to tell the story of your big day, your way! Whatever you and your partner have in mind, we will work closely with you to ensure you see your ideas unfold in real time - for all time!

Experienced eye and hi-tech lens – working in perfect harmony

Across Europe to the Mediterranean and beyond, every culture celebrates a wedding in their own distinctive manner, and every couple plans to create their own special memories of the day. The story of your wedding day starts with you! We love to hear what you have planned. Experienced eye and hi-tech lens – working in perfect harmony - to always pick out those special moments that are so often missed, no matter how crazy or unexpected.

We know just how important the traditional wedding customs can be for you, your family and friends. As your story unfolds, from first light to sundown, we’re there with you at every exciting step! From the dressing rituals in the early morning light to being chauffeur-driven away under a starry night sky. No scene is left on the virtual cutting room floor…

Captures a spirit beyond words

From a distance and in close up, invisibly, we record the intimate family blessings and special tokens, the journey to the altar and the exchange of rings. Then husband and wife together, blessed in an eternal moment, enshrined by an infinite choice of stunning natural landscapes. From reception to dinner and dancefloor, our cameras silently capture the shapes, colour, energy and spirit.

Every couple needs to know their special story will be told in a way that captures a spirit beyond words. We know there are “no photo limits” and “no time limits” to expressing indefinable emotion and joy.

Every magical moment in perfect high definition

Our state of the art digital cameras are always packed and ready to head off to international destinations, each lens handpicked to capture every magical moment in perfect high definition. We travel to weddings across Europe - from Cyprus, Greece and Italy to the UK, where every different location is filled with their own light and shade, tone and texture.

Your wedding day will be unique! Frame by frame and in moving image, each and every special moment shines forever in their specific time and chosen place.