Wedding Photographers Santorini

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Santorini is world famous for its stunning sunsets

A photographer’s paradise on earth! It was among the historic Greek islands scattered across the Aegean Sea that our team of “destination” photographers are regularly called to the honour of officiating as wedding photographers Santorini.

Also known as Thira, the landscape of this still active volcanic island formed out of the lava from an eruption in 1660 BC is, itself, a multi-layered wedding cake of chocolate brown, rust red, yellow ochre, white and cream. Santorini is also world famous for its stunning sunsets, which inflame the sky in breathtaking lilac, deep purple, yellow orange and red, and showers the alabaster-white hilltop villas in a glowing pastel confetti.

Perfect backdrop for framing the loving couple’s special day

Each wedding venue and every location reveals its unique light and shade, tone and texture. As international wedding photographers, Photo Experts Cyprus constantly travel to some of the world’s most breathtaking locations like Santorini where nature’s own palette of vibrant colours is the perfect backdrop for framing the loving couple’s special day. To capture the magic, we understand that there are “no photo limits” and “no time limits” - flexibility is our middle name!

We set the scene and let the magic appear! Your unique story - told frame by frame and in moving image - will forever embrace the unique splendour of its chosen time and place. Every couple has their own exciting wedding story they want to tell on the big day. Whatever you and your partner have in mind - by carefully planning together we can ensure that every magical moment is perfectly captured in high definition by our state of the art digital cameras.

Love fixed forever by an unforgettable landscape

We know just how important the traditional wedding customs can be for you, your family and friends. As your story unfolds, from first light to sundown, we’re there with you at every exciting step of the way! From getting ready in the early morning light - often accompanied by intimate family blessings and special tokens - to the journey to the altar and the exchange of rings. Then husband and wife together, blessed in an eternal moment, love forever fixed by an unforgettable landscape.

As creative wedding photographers with a trained experienced eye for detail, we are naturally dedicated to always pick out those special moments that are so often missed, no matter how crazy or unexpected. Especially at the party celebration! From a distance and in close up, invisibly across the dancefloor, our joy is our cameras capturing the exuberance – the colourful shapes, the energy and emotion. Our experienced eye and hi-tech lens – working in perfect harmony - capturing a spirit and joy beyond words.