Christian & Ben - A Wanderlust Wedding

The journey began as we boarded the bus to the town of Weimar in Germany, where we learned the intimate connection that historical place has to our groom Christian and his early life story.  Companioned by a bus load of hung-over Soho-Moulin Rouge partied-out reveller travelling guests and many bottles of Prosecco later, we arrived!

The central binding theme of the ceremony would be the Cacao love medicine and the ancient Celtic union ritual of Hand-fasting ceremony.

And finally THE big day arrived! The skies aligned, the heavens thankfully chose not to open (with rain!) the clouds vanished, the sun broke through and even the birds came together flying in infinity loops above to celebrate with us.

The guests began to arrive and the momentum gathered as friends family and loved ones from around the world landed in waiting for the couple.

Christof the opera singer warmed his voice up, Angela Economakis (the world’s most loving ceremony space holder and chocolate shamaness) and I, unveiled the surprise gourmet magic truffles (the first photo!!) made by an exceptional chef in Cyprus with immense intention and love and a kilo of specially sourced ceremonial cacao from the jungles of Guatemala!

As our hearts opened even more on the arrival of these 2 beautiful people, tears began, that familiar feeling of “love is (definitely) in the air” wrapped every person in our surroundings and there it was….

The Wanderlust Wedding. The unforgettable wedding ceremony that connected the two as one in the most personalised ceremony for two brave and beautiful men. 

Christian….Ben…..Thank you! I know we’ve been bombarding you with gratitude since day 1 but it’s only because you deserve it! We hope the amplification of your connection with each other, that enormous feeling we ALL felt that day, keeps your love alive forever!

Just love…

Michael and…

The Photo Experts Team

Ceremony conductor: Dr Angela Economakis, The Luminary Academy & The Cyprus Cacao Tribe

Chocolate Alchemists: La Galerie